Prof. Anu Kapur

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MA (Delhi), MPhil (Delhi), PhD (Delhi)
Disasters and their Management in India
Professor Anu Kapur has been on the faculty of the Department of Geography, Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, since 1997. Consistent with her research interests, with special reference to Geography in India and Geography of India. Anu has several self- authored books, including Made Only in India: Goods with Geographical Indications, Routledge, London : Vulnerable India: A Geographical Study of Disasters, Sage, New Delhi, On Disasters in India, Cambridge University Press, New Delhi; Voice of Concern: Indian Geography, Concept New Delhi ; Indian Geography: A Future with a Difference, Allied , New Delhi ; and Paradise in Peril: An Ecological Profile of the Kashmir Valley, Allied , New Delhi. Besides research essays in the Economic and Political Weekly and other scholarly journals Anu has created maps and curated exhibitions on the University of Delhi, her alma mater. Professor Kapur is Fellow, Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Shimla and Senior Fellow, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library,New Delhi. She is also a recipient of the R.N. Dubey Award for Leadership, 2001, of the Bhoovigyan Foundation as well as of the Amartya Sen Award for the Distinguished Social Scientists, 2012, of the Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi.