GeoResearch Forum

About the Forum
Geo-Research Forum is an initiative by the Department of Geography to create a platform for sharing and exchange of ideas, opportunities and challenges faced by scholars. Lectures and panel discussions are held addressing wide ranging issues from how to publish, the value of editing, conducting field work and methodological questions to new areas of research and opportunities (both within the discipline of geography and cross-disciplinary). The initiative particularly encourages young emerging scholars to present cutting edge research. The forum publishes an annual newsletter and has a strong social media presence with its facebook page having 900 members and where ideas and views are shared and expressed online. The initiative is coordinated by a faculty with the help of research scholars who act as programme, social media and annual newsletter coordinators.


Programme Coordinators

Harish Kumar, Heena, Lakhan Kumar, Mathiudinliu Panmei, Suman Saurav, Ganesh Yadav, Anjali Bhati

Social media coordinator

Sunil Jaiswal, Pooja Singh

Annual Newsletter coordinator

Nilakshi Pathak and M.G. Basumatary

Teacher In-Charge

Prof. Anindita Datta (2021-2023)



Prof Prem Sagar Chapagain, Director of Research, Tribhuvan University, Katmandu, Nepal, will deliver a lecture under the Dept’s Georesearh Forum programme at 11 am on 3rd Nov 2022. The venue for the same is Lecture Hall I Prof Prem Sagar Chapagain currently works at the Central Dept of Geography, Tribhuvan University. His completed projects include spring water situation in the context of CC in 2015, and land use zoning in 2021. His areas of interest encompass natural resource management in the context of global change, Mountain farming, water (natural springs), tourism and land-use change - and livelihood, and citizen science. He is currently working on - Household adaptive capacity to CC in South Asia.